Make sound choices when it comes to risk management

The Story Behind the FirmGuard Brand

What do you do if you're frustrated by the pace of the market when it comes to applying RegTech to compliance challenges? Start a company. That's what FirmGuard founder Dan Ussher did in 2019 to meet this issue head on.

FirmGuard is founded on a fundamental belief that good compliance is fast compliance. And, that businesses deserve far more than the headache they're currently getting in navigating the complexities of a frequently changing regulatory environment. "It doesn't have to be that way," Dan Ussher, CEO, explains.

At the root of the problem is decentralisation. We see organisations taking a case-by-case approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance, to the detriment of overall operations. Setting a goal of having a tick in a box for each set of controls, regardless of the needs of the business, causes untold problems. Not least, missing out on the opportunity to apply controls that already exist elsewhere in the business. "In fact, you may already be compliant without realising it," Dan points out. "The only way you can know this is by conducting a GAP Analysis."

FirmGuard provides a set of eyes across organisations' entire GRC environment, to guide people to the compliance strategy that's right for them. It's tech-enabled advisory services are based on decades of professional expertise in aligning organisations with complex regulatory requirements.

"The purpose of industry regulations and standards is to remove as much risk as possible during the course of doing business. And, that's a good thing." Dan adds. Even so, FirmGuard has identified a mentality among businesses for meeting these standards in time and at any cost that's causing a collective misunderstanding of the concept of risk.

"It's not a do or a don't, it's a choice," he says. "It's about taking a holistic view of your business in order to make important decisions about which risks are acceptable to you. As an analogy, a crash helmet is designed to reduce the risk of serious injury from riding a motorbike. But, if I don't own a motorbike I can choose not to buy a crash helmet. When organisations take a check-box approach to compliance, they invariably find themselves 'buying the crash helmet'."

If FirmGuard has one message to pass on it's that no single role or piece of software delivers fast and effective compliance. Establishing controls to safeguard your ecosystem must be a whole-of-business mindset. We're here to help you manage Governance, Compliance and Risk in a structured way, to get from A to B without visiting every other destination on the way.

Compliance done right is an exact science, accessible to everyone. With the right guidance, a clear strategy and intelligent tools it needn't be a heavy lift.


The Story Behind the FirmGuard Logo

What do you see when you look at the FirmGuard logo? Stacked boxes? Geometric shapes? It might surprise you to know there’s a purpose behind the design.

The geometric shapes that make up our logo represent the multiple domains we work within every day. The stacking represents the systematic organisation of these ‘containers’ so that they provide a strong and steady foundation for your business.

The shape of the 'containers' represents a B2 Stealth Bomber: advanced technology and a powerful defence against risk into today's digital economy. We act with stealth to ensure you and your customers are always protected.

Why FirmGuard?

Because we take seriously the task of helping you achieve a firm guard around your business. Through our services and solutions, we help to guard your future.