Tech-enabled strategies for simplifying GRC

Compliance is much more than avoiding business and personal fines. Its about being operationally better. Good Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) outperforms the market and customers' expectations.


You can't do it in spreadsheets.  Yet, organisations continue to manage volumes of GRC processes manually, risking inefficiency and a lack of visibility.

FirmGuard's tech-enabled GRC solutions offer a faster, more accurate and cost effective way to achieve compliance. Best practice templates feel familiar and guarantee complete visibility of your GRC landscape through a single pane of glass.

Risk Management

FirmGuard gives you access to risk management, third party risk management (TPRM) and compliance applications centrally, in award-winning technology.

Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Non-compliance issues increasingly come from outside of your business. Controlling third party risk is critical. However, it can also be taxing on resources.


FirmGuard helps you manage risk across third party vendors without the headache of individual assessments. Automation and dashboards ensure continuous vendor health and data privacy.


Good compliance isn't ticking checkboxes. Regulations are everchanging and the cost of non-compliance is rising. We view compliance as whole of business, getting you there at a fraction of the resources.

Our platform technology provides a control framework for you to meet all the objectives of your compliance management program. Whether ISO 27001, CPS 234, CPS 235, GDPR or other. 

IT/Cyber risk

Managing technology-related risk requires input from across the entire business. Maintaining visibility of assets and risk across every department while simultaneously demonstrating ongoing compliance with IT security standards like ISO 27001 and NIST can be challenging.

Our tech-enabled strategies help you easily coordinate a vast range of risk activities across the business. Including program status, incident management, identification of control weaknesses, and remediation. 

Data Privacy

Compliance with data privacy requirements means continually evaluating how you acquire, store, share, archive, retain and delete valuable data. If you store it in the public cloud your privacy processes must be visible and trackable. That rules out spreadsheets!


FirmGuard delivers a suite of data privacy management tools. Plus workflows around things like access requests, data transfers and DPIAs, to make it easy to scale your data privacy program.


Auditors tasked increasing ISMS (Information Security Management System) audits want to be more efficient at managing them without adding resources. Multiple versions of spreadsheets make that virtually impossible.

Switching manual documents, spreadsheets and email audit trails for automated workflows that integrate seamlessly with your business systems makes audit management easily scalable. It also gives you unprecedented visibility and control over your ISMS compliance and certification process.

Support for a broad range of industry standards

ISO27001 and ISO31000
APRA CPS 234 and CPG 235
RBNZ Cyber Security & Regulatory Framework
MAS Technology Risk Management